Useful information

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General points:

Try going to bed early and sleep enough.
In the morning get up early to do everything in time.
Make sure you have breakfast. But do not experiment with food.
Rely on the phone on your wedding day the witness or his parents.
Try to relax. Always something goes wrong, as planned. No one remembers that the limo did not come one. But remember all your tension. Try to smile more. Then guests will light up with you.
Do not worry if the window is bad weather. It does not prevent you from having fun.
Ask for the responsible person to take the ring and a passport, try not to control everything themselves.
Even if you have forgotten something or somewhere late, everything will be fine!
Do not try to follow all the signs, it is impossible.

Take along:

Needle and thread;
Valerian or "novopassit";
Extra first-aid kit;
Napkins and wet wipes;
Sponge for shoes;
Gloves and a scarf;
Safety pins;
Spare tights or stockings;
Comb, invisible;
Spare shoes for the bride;
A list of phone numbers of all the organization and give it to the witnesses (limousines, toaster, photos, video, restaurant, flowers, registry office);
A list of places where you plan to walk (if there is a closed space with telephones decision-makers) and also pass it to the witnesses.

Do not try to be all by yourself. Rely on these things to witnesses or your parents.


Bouquet (pay more attention to this point, try to give up plastic buketnits: all of them falls and they are not very well look at the photos);
Mitts (fingerless gloves) are almost always broken, so alter loop in advance (just reinforce it);
Make nice seating guests in the restaurant (Name cards or registered balloons tied to a chair);
Think of a basket for the petals and rice, which you will meet after the registration (a plastic bag does not look very);
Think about the colors for the witnesses (bracelets, bouquet, boutonniere, flower in hair);
Think about the general concept of color to your wedding;
Buy in advance (if necessary) to cover the marriage certificate, so as not to waste precious time in the registry office;
Organize snacks for the guests during the walk (if you intend to ride along with guests);
Try to plan a trip without a guest (or at least part of the walk);
Try to bring the glasses (IKEA - an excellent option, plastic cups in the photos do not look very);
Thoughtful photographer with two types of walking: the case of good weather and in case of rain;
Little things, consider whether to create a mood (but do it in advance of the wedding day to do this once already);
Consider whether you need a limo. Yes, it's a beautiful vehicle, but it does have one important drawback - slow! And besides, the bride is not very comfortable to climb inside (especially in a gorgeous gown);
Make a trial hair and makeup;
Speak Toastmasters speech details, eliminate inappropriate for you to contests (eg, involving the collection of money, procuring witnesses);
Try to prepare a place in the apartment (hotel), where the stylist will work, find a convenient mirror and a chair;
Try in the morning to relax, play music, light candles, wear comfortable things, pour juice (tea, wine, champagne) and enjoy a manicure, haircut, makeup and good humor;
Clothing should be weather (do not be afraid to dress warmly, photos will be more alive, because you do not freeze)

// Note for brides: winter wear warm tights or leggings under a dress, take a warm coat or a coat, scarf and warm mittens. Make this beautiful idea. For example, designer boots or rubber boots. Be creative! Do not neglect your health!
It is most important.

Accessories for photography:

Cover (lie);
Fruits (is);
Basket (fruit);
Bubbles (too nice);
Kite (I wonder);
Rubber boots (practical and fun);
Boots (warmth);
Balloons (just fun);
Candles (romantic);
Wine and wine glasses (more romantic);
Pencils (if someone paints);
Needles and yarn (if you Tie);
Badminton, volleyball, Frisbee, etc. (If you're an athlete);
Flowers (beautiful);
Air lanterns (nice);
Beloved dog (if any);
Sparklers (bright).

Ideas may be a million. Discuss them with a photographer at the meeting and think it is your history. The brighter and considered to be accessories, the brighter will be your wedding.

Place for photography:

Try to think it was your story. Select the places where you will be comfortable. Discuss them with a photographer, he can suggest some interesting ideas. The best pictures of you and your relationship can be done in the yard of the palace. Location is important, but not the most important.

Most importantly, it's you and your feelings. And your health. If you need help, contact the photographer. He will tell. Be sure to discuss everything in advance to avoid rush at the last minute.